A little about me...

Hi. My name is Jessica Shepherd, but you can call me Jess. I'm a front-end (and aspiring full-stack) Web Developer. I've spent the past couple of years working in private aviation, wondering what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. When a friend of mine suggested programming to me, I immediately knew it was the direction I wanted to go, and haven't looked back since. Some of my fondest memories include me, sitting at my clunky desktop computer, using HTML and CSS to customize every part of my MySpace profile. Yet I never realized that I could turn my love of personalized layouts into a career.

I am currently enrolled in a program called Bloc, which is preparing me for every aspect of being a web developer. I am learning both front-end and back-end technologies, along with computer science fundamentals such as data structures and algorithms. It is very hands-on, and I've made several projects with technologies such as React and NodeJS. I'm looking to take these skills I've learned and apply them to my first job as a developer.